Electronic Form Submissions and Signatures Can Improve Accuracy, Security and Completion of FAFSA Application Processes

edfinancial-logo-250x86Next Gen Web Solutions, provider of efficiency solutions for student administration processes, announced today that Edfinancial, a leader in student loan servicing, has selected Dynamic Forms as a preferred electronic submission solution for its Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) verification services.

“Dynamic Forms provides accuracy and security at a critical step for completion of our verification services process,” said Judith Witherspoon, Senior Vice President and National Director of Sales and Marketing for Edfinancial Services. “This product dramatically simplifies the process of gathering verification data from students and parents. Student/parent error rates drop by over 30% when using Dynamic Forms.”

Dynamic Forms was developed in 2007 by Next Gen Web Solutions which serves over 350 clients nationally.  Higher education institutions have created more than 4.1 million forms for loan requests, student applications, program enrollment, employment, and many other processes. Key features of Dynamic Forms for school administrators include:

  • Intuitive form creation for non-technical users
  • Multiple electronic signatures for workflows that require authorizations
  • Document attachment capability
  • Integration with School Information Systems (SIS) for validation of student information and pre-filling of form fields
  • Online payment capabilities
  • Viewable history of forms for tracking by school administrators
  • Campus-wide single license for creation of unlimited forms

“We are thrilled to be working with Edfinancial to bring truly innovative solutions to this verification marketspace. Edfinancial is a company that is committed to outstanding service for school administrators, improving student experiences and enhancing success rates,” said Jim Grace, COO of Next Gen Web Solutions and General Manager of Dynamic Forms.

About Edfinancial Services

Edfinancial Services provides exceptional customer-driven products and services. Based on client feedback and leveraging core competencies, we have created streamlined processes and higher education services specifically designed with schools in mind – such as call center capabilities, financial aid process outsourcing, and default prevention services. Perpetual motion is our constant state. We are absolutely driven to excel on behalf of our stakeholders – borrowers, schools, businesses, and state and federal agencies. We stay ahead of the technology curve in higher education. We anticipate new trends and respond with products that improve operational efficiencies and compliance and enhance the customer service experience for students. For more information, visit www.edfinancial.com/HES/home

About Next Gen Web Solutions

Next Gen brings accuracy, compliance, speed and security to school administrative processes that help students support their education. Our web and mobile software solutions enable administrators to efficiently manage forms, scholarships, employment, timesheets and other specialized online processes that require signed authorizations and interactions with student information. Serving more than 350 higher education institutions across the country, we continuously strive to set ourselves apart through a deep understanding of the workflows that power student success-driven institutions.