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JobX is the only comprehensive solution in the market specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the Federal Work Study (FWS), Job Location Development (JLD), and Student Employment businesses.  From online job postings, applications, compliance checks, hiring, government forms, and reporting, JobX can help you automate, simplify, and reduce expenses associated with your on- and off-campus processes.

Key Benefits


24×7, employer and administrator users can build professional-looking job postings and intuitive applications with institutional and job-specific questions.


24X7, applicants can view and apply online for multiple jobs with one application, receive immediate notifications of new jobs that fit their profile, track the number of position openings and the status of their application – making life easier for them and creating efficiencies for you.


Systematically validate against school-defined work eligibility rules (e.g., must have a FWS Award, I9/W4 forms must be completed, credit hours must be greater than 6.0) at the time of application and/or placement, thus improving compliance and simplifying administrative tasks.


Tailor hire screens and approval workflow to fit your current business needs and avoid costly process changes.


Customize your JobX hire onboarding workflow to include online Federal and State forms (e.g., I9, W4) built and maintained by Next Gen, enabling your students and supervisors to track form completion statuses, and ensuring your processes are consistently compliant and efficient.


Easily exchange data real-time API’s or via batch with any homegrown or school information system (SIS), improving timeliness and quality of your customer data by eliminating manual entry cost and errors.


Make informed decisions with up-to-date information and stay on top of  compliance-based reporting (e.g., FISAP).

JobX Users

  • Single Sign On with School Portal: Employees do not have to remember another user name and password. Users are pre-authenticated from the School’s website into the JobX product with minimal keystrokes.
  • Easy-to-Use online on- and off-campus job search engine available 24/7/365.
  • Apply for multiple jobs with a single application.
  • Application Validation: Ensures eligible applicants have access to limited number of high-demand jobs (e.g., FWS jobs are reserved for FWS-awarded students only).
  • Resume and cover letter upload capabilities.
  • JobMail enables students to receive immediate notification of jobs listed that match their customized job preferences.
  • Improved Customer Service: To keep users informed throughout the employment recruitment process, JobX offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides self-service access to complete online onboarding forms (I-9, W-4, etc.), track form completion status, as well as, employer email communications including Interview Requests, Applicant Rejections, and Hire Approvals.
  • Employees go to work sooner! The JobX workflow reduces the recruitment lifecycle that used to take weeks down to days or even hours.
  • Job Listing Management
    • Customized job listing templates
    • Automated job de-listing based on criteria set at a site or job level
  • Application Management
    • Application Compliance Service ensures employers only receive eligible applicants
    • Custom application questions by job to target “best fit” candidates
    • Mass applicant approval & rejection communications available by job
  • Hire Management
    • Award details are presented at the time of application review and placement to ensure dollars awarded can support # of hours per week required for the job
    • Hire validation engine ensures employers know if a student has completed required work eligibility items (W4, I9, etc.) prior to hiring
    • Pre-filled hire data from student applications minimize data entry for employers
    • Multi-Level hire approval flows supported – Supervisor to Budget Manager to Administrator
  • Integrated Email Communications
    • Automated and/or on-demand e-mail communications throughout the job listing, applicant review, and hire stages
  • Job Listing Management
    • Customized Job Listing Templates
    • Customized job listing workflow for different job types (e.g., On-Campus and Off-Campus, FWS, Non-FWS, Job Location Development (JLD), COOP, Internship, Community Service, and Alumni)
    • Customized job search engine enables unlimited ways to organize jobs for different applicant populations
    • Approve job listings originated by employers, thus reducing data entry burden while remaining in control of institutional-wide job listings
    • Systematic Job Approval Emails from Administrators to Employers improve communications between departments and helps Employers begin the Applicant review process faster
  • Application Management
    • Custom Institutional Default application questions at a Job Type (e.g., On- and Off-Campus) level ensures utmost flexibility and control of different application data requirements.
    • Application Validation Service allows increased control over who can apply for a specific Job Type (e.g., FWS, Non-FWS, Alumni, etc.)
  • Hire Management
    • Improved compliance with only a couple of keystrokes! – JobX provides systematic validation (e.g., FWS Eligibility, W4/I9 Form Completion, Minimum Credit Hour, etc.) by Job Type to ensure hires meet institutional, State, and/or Federal employment regulations
    • JobX maintains comprehensive history of all hires for audit and FISAP reporting purposes
  • Data Management
    • Real-time or batch data integration removes manual intervention of student data between JobX and your university portal, SIS and Payroll systems, thus increasing accuracy and time you can spend with your valued customers
  • Flexible Pricing for all size institutions
    • Save thousands of dollars per year via automation of the job listing, applicant review, and hire processes
    • Pricing by school size ensures all institutions can realize the many benefits of JobX
  • Cost effective & secure web based tool hosted by Next Gen Web Solutions
    • No costly hardware, software or network bandwidth to buy or worry about
    • No worries about support calls, upgrade requests, or purchasing additional servers, memory, or software
  • Stringent Third Party Auditing
    • Next Gen undergoes a SSAE16 (previously known as SAS70 – Type II) audit annually and contracts with third party vendors to evaluate our applications, Network, and security controls for possible breaches

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    I just wanted to thank everyone on their promptness whenever I send questions/problems. I never have to wait and you’re always able to remedy any situation!!
    Mt. Holyoke College
    Next Gen continues to provide exemplary customer service and support. We really appreciate the quick response time to all questions and inquiries.
    University of Connecticut
    JobX is a wonderful, user friendly system!
    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
    Thank you to Sharon, Taige and the NexGen support team who have made our transition to JobX almost seamless and for their continued quick response time to our questions and needs.
    Vassar College
    JobX is working great for our institution.
    Northeastern University
    JobX is a great product!
    Skidmore College
    We could not be happier with the site and exceptional service that you provide on a daily basis! We were just raving about the system this morning in our staff meeting. This was by-far our easiest semester start in all of our years in Student Employment at UML. Thank you again for all that you do!
    University of Massachusetts Lowell
    I am incredibly impressed by the amazing customer service that you have offered me in the past year. Thanks for your time and excellent customer support.
    Bowdoin College