University-Business-julaug-2012This month’s University Business magazine features an article on California State University, San Bernardino’s (CSUSB) implementation of Scholarship Manager. Prior to using Scholarship Manager, CSUSB missed opportunities to receive applications and took weeks to process. After implementing Scholarship Manager:

“The process now is a shadow of its former self, having been simplified for all involved. Students log in, fill out an application, consent to have transcripts pulled, and list faculty who could provide letters of recommendation. The faculty then receive email requests for recommendations with a link to the student’s application, eliminating the need for paper copies or a long wait between request and receipt. Students can track who hasn’t yet submitted a recommendation, then follow up with a reminder. The process saves faculty time, and has made them more likely to help students out. Scholarship committee members are given immediate online access to the scholarships they’re responsible for, rather than having to wait several weeks for papers to be sorted, copied, and delivered to them, says Jones. Once the application deadline passes, it takes a single week, rather than several, to pull everything together.

Besides significantly reducing the time and resources required to process scholarship applications, the system has resulted in a 103 percent increase in number of applications received…”

Read the complete story, here: “Speedier Scholarships,” Marcia Layton Turner, University Business, July/August 2012, pp. 30-31.