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Scholarship Manager provides a comprehensive solution to your scholarship program. From building student profiles through smart applications and school information system (SIS) data integration, through online review and awarding, Scholarship Manager can help you automate, simplify and transform your scholarship process.

Key Benefits


With Scholarship Manager you can award in two Academic Years simultaneously.  Scholarship Manager’s true multi-year scholarship program management platform enables you to view your scholarship program’s history and monitor and identify trends. This empowers you to determine how adjustments impact your program across multiple years and affect your recruitment and retention goals.


Smart applications empower you to simplify the application process for your students. From no application to one application to department/college level applications to scholarship specific questionnaires, our flexible offering adapts to your unique scholarship needs.


Scholarship Manager provides real-time data integration with our flexible API solution. Award data, application data and more, can be sent to your information system real-time.


We offer blended login where required to support various needs, including SSO from the institution’s portal, validated login, and direct login options. We support multiple SSO methods, including ADFS, CAS, LDAP, Passthrough, SAML, and Shibboleth.


You can customize your awarding process to include:

  • Automatically track renewable awards and students continued compliance with scholarship requirements
  • Ensure students are not awarded more than their individual need
  • Prevent awards to previous winners
  • Exclude certain scholarship awards from counting toward need/overall max award amounts
  • Enforce scholarship budget amounts
  • Ensure funds do not go un-awarded


We can automate the process of getting relevant student information from institution systems to Scholarship Manager to help qualify students for scholarships. We have worked with all the major SIS/CRM/Financial Aid software providers including (but not limited to) Anthology, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, Oracle/PeopleSoft, PowerFaids, Jenzabar, Slate, and WorkDay.


Let us take care of the technical details and the IT infrastructure challenges. You do not need to worry about installing or maintaining new servers. New features are automatically available. You never have to wait for your over-burdened IT staff to install updates.

Users of Scholarship Manager

  • Strong search engine allows prospective students to broadly or selectively search all your available scholarships. This could be the difference between them applying to your institution or not.
  • Simple online application process for students with 24/7 access.
  • Students can apply for multiple scholarships with a single application and so avoid missing out on scholarships that they did not think they qualified for.
  • Single Sign On makes it easier for your students to apply. They can access their scholarship application from your student portal and avoid having to create and remember yet another username/password combination.
  • Scholarship Manager will review student data imported from your SIS system and the student’s online application and then automatically match qualified students with available scholarships. This saves you having to review applications over and over when trying to identify qualified candidates.
  • Customized application – you can build your own online application with our simple-to-use interface.
  • Customized look and feel – we will customize your Scholarship Manager site to have the same look and feel as your website ensuring brand awareness for your student and potential students.
  • Donor negotiation – Scholarship requirements may no longer tie to the strategic goals of your institution. As a school or foundation Scholarship Manager administrator, you can quickly change the requirements for a scholarship and see how those changes impact your candidate pool. This allows you to position requirements changes to your donors while at the same time explaining the impact of those changes.
  • Online storage of your scholarships means that you can be sure no funds go un-awarded. Ever lose a scholarship down the back of the filing cabinet and not award it? It has been known to happen but with Scholarship Manager, you can quickly identify any scholarships that have not been awarded and get the money in the hands of deserving students.
  • Committee members can review scholarship applications online removing the need and expense to meet in person.
  • Applications can be compared across multiple attributes quickly and easily allowing you to narrow down your list of candidates. You can then look at each application in full before ultimately awarding the scholarship.
  • Access can be restricted for committee members so they only see the candidates for the scholarships they are responsible for. In addition, you can control the data that they see about applicants, helping ensure applicant privacy.
  • Centralized process – Scholarship Manager allows you to centralize the scholarship management process for your institution, but still decentralize the decision making process!
  • So if the local credit union, for example, offers scholarships to your students, but insists on deciding who will receive the award, you can give them online access to only that scholarship, allowing them to see only the candidates for their scholarship, and only the student data pertinent to the award they are offering.
  • Donors can be granted access so they can see the candidates for their scholarships.
  • Reports can be created and provided to donors with the information they want to see – How many candidates were there for their scholarships, who was awarded etc.
  • Donor profiles can be posted to your site generating awareness of their great work and encouraging future donations.

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    What Schools Say

    Scholarship Manager’s service and support is second to none. Chris Rivera is easy to work with, always there for us and has made it simple to implement and use for us. The Next Gen team is easy to work with and take the extra steps in making it easier for us. Our investment in Scholarship Manager is worth every penny because of their support alone! Not only is the system GREAT, the support team is as well!!!
    George Fox University
    Since partnering with Next Gen Web Solutions over a year ago, we at Kean University have seen a marked increase in the number of scholarship applications received, as well as earned several compliments regarding the overall process from students and donors alike. In addition, the customer service we’ve received has been second to none, and we look forward to further enhancing our scholarship system with Next Gen in the years to come.
    Kean University
    Thanks for all your help through the implementation process. Everything went so much more smoothly than I ever could have anticipated and I definitely have you to thank for that.

    I’m excited for all the positive changes that will come with this new system!

    Tennessee Tech University
    We purchased this package about 10 years ago and I can personally tell you it saves hundreds of hours every year in awarding scholarships. It truly saved my staff and I having to work weekends for weeks on-end to get scholarships awarded. Even my Register said to me, I can’t believe all those years he had to run hundreds of reports for me to get at list of potential students to award scholarships for each semester.
    Pennsylvania College of Technology