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TimesheetX provides a comprehensive solution for your employment timesheet needs. From online timesheet entry, time off accruals, employer approvals, budget/accrual/award balance tracking, payroll integration, and reporting, TimesheetX can immediately save your institution thousands of dollars annually.

Key Benefits


24×7, employees can manage timesheets for one or multiple jobs. Completed timesheets can be delivered to an Employer for approval in seconds. Eliminates handwriting issues, math errors, lost/untimely submission of timesheets, and duplicate submissions.


Utilizing a systematic work flow method, completed timesheets are instantaneously organized in priority status in the supervisor’s work queue. 24×7, employer and administrator users can review, approve, reject, take possession, and/or dismiss timesheets individually or in mass capacity to eliminate the administrative burden associated with paper time sheets.


Customize timesheet validation edits, including, regulation of max hours worked, prevention of students working during scheduled class time, and required breaks after a consecutive number of hours. Ensure improved compliance with campus policies, Work Study regulations, and Federal/State labor laws.


Proactively manage and track departmental budgets, Work Study Award, and Time Off Accrual balances to prevent overspend situations.


Avoid missed deadlines and proactively address compliance issues via system-generated warnings and reminder emails customized to meet the school’s business needs.


Make informed decisions with comprehensive, up-to-date hire, timesheet labor and earnings information.

TimesheetX Users

  • Employees enter and submit time to Supervisor in seconds! The TimesheetX workflow reduces the timesheet lifecycle that used to take days or hours down to minutes or even seconds.
  • Improves quality of timesheet entries by eliminating errors in handwriting, math, and duplicate recording of time.
  • Systematically triggered Employee E-mail warnings prevent missed timesheet deadlines.
  • Supports multiple timesheets for multiple jobs per employee.
  • Enables employees to review award balance information 24/7/365 to ensure they don’t exceed award amount.
  • Online timesheet entry capabilities with comprehensive edits help employers be more efficient by eliminating errors in handwriting, math, and duplicate time entries found with paper timesheets.
  • Easy-to-Use online timesheet approval & rejection work flow solution reduces time spent trying to track down employees to resolve timesheet related issues.
  • A user-friendly timesheet “To Do” function helps employers organize their timesheets in priority order and perform mass timesheet approvals in seconds.
  • User friendly work management queues help organize your daily Timesheet “To Do” items, thus expediting timesheet approvals.
  • Improves quality of timesheet entries by eliminating errors in handwriting, math, and duplicate recording of time found with paper timesheets.
  • Systematically triggered Student and Supervisor E-mail warnings designed to ensure timely timesheet submissions and approvals.
  • Enables Employers to review student award balance information 24/7/365 to ensure their students don’t exceed award amounts.
  • Secondary supervisors can be added to a employee’s hire/timesheet for purposes of minimizing key staff dependencies in an emergency when the primary supervisor can’t be available to approve timesheets.
  • Streamlined work flow approach for timesheet entry, approval/rejection, and payroll reporting saves thousands of dollars annually over a paper timesheet process.
  • State-of-the-art funding solution for managing timesheet earnings (i.e. 50% of earnings paid from a FWS account and 50% from a Departmental Account).
  • Customized and real-time timesheet and earnings reporting for payroll.
  • Accurate budget, time off accrual, and award balance tracking.
  • Accurate award balance tracking.
  • Comprehensive hire and timesheet history for audit purposes.
  • Supports standardized stipends and differentials.
  • Handles an unlimited number of pay schedules (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, etc.) required to meet your institution’s payroll needs.
  • Minimizes compliance risks. Enforces labor and campus regulations on hours worked and ensures student earnings do not exceed award amounts through a customized warning system.
  • Customized data integration removes manual intervention of student data between TimesheetX and your university portal, SIS and Payroll systems, thus increasing accuracy and time you can spend with your valued customers.
  • Flexible pricing for all size institutions:
    • Save thousands of dollars per year via automation of the timesheet entry, approval, and earnings data reporting to payroll.
    • Pricing by school size ensures all institutions can realize the many benefits of TimesheetX.
  • Cost-effective and secure web-based tool hosted by Next Gen Web Solutions eliminates the need to purchase costly hardware and software.
  • Customer Service Rating of 3.8 out of 4.0 – professional installation and support team at your fingertips.
  • Cost effective & secure web based tool hosted by Next Gen Web Solutions:
    • No costly hardware, software or network bandwidth to buy or worry about.
    • No worries about support calls, upgrade requests, or purchasing additional servers, memory, or software.
  • Stringent Third Party Auditing: Next Gen undergoes a SAS70 – Type II audit annually and contracts with third party vendors to evaluate our applications, Network, and Security controls for possible breaches.
  • Available 24X7X365: All users have the convenience of accessing and managing student timesheet related activities on their schedule via any Internet web browser.
  • Customized site skin, forms, and content throughout TimesheetX provides your own institutional look and feel.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with School Portal:
    • Users do not have to remember another user name and password.
    • Users are pre-authenticated from the school’s website into TimesheetX with minimal keystrokes.
  • Real-time API or Batch Data Exchange: Import/export data into/out of your SIS & Payroll systems to eliminate manual processing, increasing speed and accuracy for all users.

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    Taige Haines and Sharon Gessner have been very helpful in getting our institution up to speed with our requests to clean up old data and customize our site.
    University of Denver
    Next Gen is working great for our institution.
    Northeastern University
    Great product!
    Skidmore College
    We feel comfortable giving Next Gen a “can we do this” and know we’ll get an answer… Overall, I don’t think we could have found a better partner to work with.
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